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Daytryp will be the first legally approved microdosing supplement in the USA.

 Our proprietary blend of functional mushrooms stacked with a subthreshold, microdose of psilocybin, will become the future of Nootropic supplements. Whether you are suffering from depression, anxiety, substance abuse addiction, or simply looking to optimize focus and performance, Daytryp’s functional mushroom blend can help. We imagine a world where plants and fungi are no longer criminalized, and are made affordable and accessible to people of all races, creeds and backgrounds. Nature definitely provides the medicines we need to thrive and recover. We  send Daytryp from our HQ’s in Oregon, where plant medicines are decriminalized. Psilocybin is legal in Jamaica and Brazil, and decriminalized in Colorado, California, Chicago, DC, Oregon & Washington State, with many more states to come.